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Medical equipment enterprises special inspection

2017-05-31 14:35:26 Ningbo Rinover Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd Read

To further regulate the free trial class medical equipment business business activities of enterprises, strengthen supervision of the medical device market, safeguard the interests of consumers, the recent Economic Development Zone Branch organization market supervision within the jurisdiction of two treatments involve providing free trial class medical equipment enterprises were special inspection.

The special inspection to "medical device quality management standard" implementation, focusing on the responsible person, the quality of people working in the post in charge of the case, staff training and healthy, the legality of medical products, the purchase, inspection, maintenance and authenticity and standardization of record sales, with or without false propaganda exaggerating the case of product efficacy and the like. Examination revealed the presence of related businesses purchase, inspection, maintenance, sales records were incomplete, non-medical equipment warehouse stacking equipment category debris, the purchase of business intelligence and other data collection incomplete, etc., require companies to rectification.

People gather for enterprises to carry out during the free consultation and publicity potential risks caused by the product sales triggered by the case of consumer disputes and other complaints related corporate entities, has interviewed the person in charge, it requires companies: First, to establish a sense of responsibility, is the first emphasized enterprise a responsible person, enhance staff training to prevent exaggerated propaganda to mislead the consumer bad behavior: the second is to improve management awareness of the problems found during the checks immediate rectification, in strict accordance with "medical device quality management standard," the daily management requirements ; third is to improve safety awareness, and effective prevention of insecurity due to staff during large-scale gathering to promote its cause.